Xfld 0.2 released

Today, Jan. 16 2005, the team of os-cillation has released Xfld version 0.2. Plenty of changes and updates have been made:

  • Xfce Desktop Environment has been updated to version 4.2.0
  • The underlying os has been updated to Knoppix 3.7
  • The Mozilla websuite has been replaced with Firefox and Thunderbird
  • Various KDE applications have been replaced with lighter alternatives
  • All packages contained have been updated to their latest versions
  • Most Knoppix packages have been replaced with Xfld packages
  • The startup time has been reduced
  • Numerous suggestions from Xfld 0.1 users have been considered in the development process

We hope the users will enjoy this new version of Xfld and Xfce. Please use the forum for questions and feedback.