Xfld 0.2 released

Today, Jan. 16 2005, the team of os-cillation has released Xfld version 0.2. Xfld 0.2 is based on Xfce 4.2.0 and Knoppix 3.7. The images can be downloaded from the mirrors.

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What is Xfld?

Xfld is 'Xfce live demo', a GNU/Linux operating system (derived from Knoppix) that can be run completely from CD. It features an up-to-date Xfce as desktop environment.

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What is Xfce?

Xfce is a desktop environment for Linux and various Unix derivates. The developement team put their stress on three subjects, which is what makes Xfce very appealing:

  • Xfce is lightweight
  • Xfce is of high usability
  • Xfce looks good

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Who is os-cillation?

os-cillation e.K. is an IT-company specializing in software development, technical consulting and project management as well as server solutions, located in Siegen/Germany. The main focus of os-cillation is on development of technical software for Linux and Unix - e.g. OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD - and providing network solutions for Linux-, Unix- and Windows-environments.

The os-cillation team is involved with OpenSource software for Linux and Unix. os-cillation developed the Xfld-CD to point out the advantages of OpenSource in general and those of Xfce in particular.

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